A chapter on urban agriculture written by Joshua has been released in a book edited by Rob Roggema, Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Planning. The chapter explores possibilities for urban agriculture to be upscaled through increasing its spatial presence in public green spaces. This presents an opportunity for public spaces to generate income rather than be reliant upon dwindling municipal maintenance budgets. Yet public green spaces are typically one of the last bastions of common land so it is imperative that they operate under a framework of social responsibility and common good. The chapter researched potential gross economic returns per hectare for various production methods that could be employed in public green spaces and involve a variety of social and educational opportunities.

The citation is:

Zeunert, J. (2016) Urban Agriculture Upscaled: can economic returns and social benefits co-exist in public green spaces? in Roggema, R. (ed) Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Planning, Taylor & Francis: London: 107-125.

The book is available here:


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