Josh’s book Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability: Creating Positive Change Through Design has received three awards and a shortlisting since its release in 2017.
These include two Excellence Awards by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects in Research and Communication, one at a state level (AILA – Victoria) and also the highest category honour at the National Level.
The Landscape Institute UK awarded it a Highly Commended Award in 2018 in the Communication and Presentation category. See their awards booklet (click here).
The book was also shortlisted in the inaugural World Landscape Architecture awards in May in Research and Communications.

The AILA National Jury citation states:

Josh Zeunert’s book comprehensively covers a multidimensional approach to sustainability by reviewing innovative and creative approaches to the field through the lens of landscape architecture. With an international emphasis and publication outreach designed to positively influence developing communities, the book covers topics ranging from blue and green infrastructure, ecology, food and social sustainability to activism and art.
Focusing on constructed work, 200 exemplar projects have been carefully selected from around the world illustrating the bridge between theory and practice, with interviews from key figures, before and after photos and diagrams. The importance of consultation and engagement with communities and stakeholders is also documented throughout the text.
The book is beautifully and clearly presented with links to further resources and a free companion website making it an essential text for both students and practitioners in the profession alike.
An impressive contribution to the profession and one that will no doubt fulfill the author’s intent to ‘provoke and inspire discussion, further research and offer design solutions’. This book will have a far-reaching influence on the profession, as well as being an excellent introduction to the scope of the discipline for students of landscape architecture.

A big thanks goes to AILA, the LI, WLA, the jurors, sponsors, Bloomsbury and everyone who contributed to the book.

You can buy the book here.


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