As part of A.W.E Collective, Josh was an artist in residence at Arthur and Yvonne Boyd’s Bundanon Homestead in August 2022.

As part of the residency, A.W.E. conducted a ‘Walking Sticks’ immersive workshop along the Budawang Track and in Glenn Murcutt’s iconic Boyd Education Centre.

A. W. E. collective is a collaborative art practice between landscape architect Joshua Zeunert, artist Cathe Stack, and artist-trained-in-architecture Ainslie Murray. 

A . W . E . collective adopt an elemental focus on issues affecting the landscapes of today and tomorrow. Air, water and earth are the guiding foundational elements in our creative research practice and we approach sites, situations and simulations through this lens. 

A . W . E . collective define frontiers that invert traditional modes of landscape inquiry and perception. Our active provocations generate new ways of questioning, engaging and connecting with landscape. 

A . W . E . collective engage and liaise with an international network of thinkers. Our multi-modal practice is built upon a research-based sharing of knowledge. 


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