Josh featured on radio in June and July, discussing his two books with two gems in landscape architecture and radio, Dr Jo Russell Clarke and Jennifer Dearnaley. Firstly, he appeared on Saturday 17th June with Jo for the radio show Gastronaut on Radio Adelaide, speaking about key food urbanism themes revealed in his forthcoming edited volume The […]


Joshua’s book, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability: Creating Positive Change Through Design, has been released by Bloomsbury Publishing on 12 January 2017. The book includes over 200 projects from Turenscape, West 8, James Corner Field Operations, Reed Hilderbrand, Hargreaves Associates, Latz + Partner, Taylor Cullity Lethlean, McGregor Coxall, Peter Walker Partners, Dirt, Ten Eyck Landscape […]

This opinion piece was written during 2015 and 2016, however, did not find a publisher willing to include it.   Beyond Capability: towards new territory in British landscape architecture and education   Progressive landscape architecture is increasingly engaged in tackling neoliberal strangleholds on our globalised planet. Lateral strategies, plans and visions are harnessing solutions to […]

A chapter on urban agriculture written by Joshua has been released in a book edited by Rob Roggema, Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Planning. The chapter explores possibilities for urban agriculture to be upscaled through increasing its spatial presence in public green spaces. This presents an opportunity for public spaces to generate income rather than […]

Joshua has written a case study project review of Adelaide Botanic Garden Wetland by T.C.L. in World Landscape Architect #26. The project features various environmental, social and economic initiatives and benefits. While its primary benefit involves cleansing stormwater and storing this for reuse for irrigation throughout the wider Botanic Gardens, the project also includes a […]

Joshua has been announced as a Curator for the 2016 International Festival of Landscape Architecture led by Creative Director Professor Richard Weller in Canberra, 27 – 30th October, 2016. The festival is themed NOT IN MY BACKYARD Adventures into the profoundly frightening, deeply uncertain and yet somehow incredibly optimistic landscapes of the 21st century. The four-day […]

Josh contributed a chapter in Nadia Amoroso‘s latest book Representing Landscapes: Digital. The chapter, Digital Presentation Plans: Still the Foundation of Landscape Design Representation? explores the use of presentation plans in contemporary landscape architecture. Several outstanding examples of work from Josh’s students at Writtle School of Design and University of Adelaide are included to demonstrate techniques […]

Josh verbally presented a research paper at the AESOP 6 Sustainable Food Planning Conference ‘finding spaces for productive cities’  held from 5-7 November in Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. The paper, Yield Operations: (Re)Fitting Urban Agriculture in Existing Green Spaces for Economic and Other Benefits explored the potential for urban agriculture to generate income in existing […]

Joshua was interviewed for an article “Grow Food Not Lawns: The Fertile World Of Foodscaping”, published in Australian health magazine Wellspring, Eco Issue 2014. The article discussed the foodscaping phenomenon in Australia. Download the article here: wellspring_2014_winter_Grow Food Not Lawns

Josh gave a guest lecture on 28th March 2014 at Martha Schwartz’s London studio titled ‘Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability’ where he discussed international projects based on themes of environmental sustainability.